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Music has always been a vehicle for social change, a universal language that inspires us to reach beyond what’s possible and imagine a better world. Our partners at PLUS1 know the transformative power of music and the collective energy concerts create. That’s why they partner with performing artists to raise millions of dollars for high impact nonprofits like War Child USA that are addressing some of today’s most pressing issues. The work begins with a $1 per ticket add-on that makes fundraising simple, seamless and incredibly impactful.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Supports War Child USA

A big thank you to rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for supporting War Child USA on their Wrong Creatures tour. Through PLUS1 $1 from every ticket sold was donated to support our work, which will help transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

PLUS1 recently caught up with the band to discuss what this partnership means to them and why they are passionate about helping kids in war-zones. Watch the video below:

We are so grateful to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for their generous support and to our incredible partner, PLUS1, for making it all possible! Fun fact: drummer Leah Shapiro’s mom is a War Child supporter too!