Protecting children from the brutal impact of war

War damages every aspect of a child’s life. It strips their families of all means to support them. Children caught up in war lose their access to education, legal protection, and personal safety and security. War Child provides children with education programs, so they can get back into school. It gives them safe spaces, so they can get back to playing. And it trains parents and young people to help restore their ability to provide for themselves and regain a sense of security. War Child provides free legal counsel to girls and women who are survivors of rape, abuse, neglect, and forced early marriage.

War Child works in Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan and with Syrian refugees in Jordan.

War Child takes a bold, community-driven approach with over 98% of staff recruited locally. Our programs are long-term, effective, responsive and, over time, help to break the cycles of poverty and violence that plague war-torn communities.

Our Work

Founded by award-winning humanitarian, bestselling author and acclaimed public speaker, Dr. Samantha Nutt, War Child has worked in conflict areas since 1999. Millions of children, mothers, and families have benefited from our education, opportunities, and justice programs in war zones across the world. We advocate for and raise awareness about the impact of war and our shared responsibility to act.

Ways to Give

Raise awareness, raise funds, raise the world up. Protect children affected by war by doing what you love. Make change in whatever way you want. The generosity of our donors provide war-affected communities with the educational, vocational and legal resources they need to find long term solutions to strengthen children’s rights and reduce poverty. We thank you for your support.​

Get Involved

Staff, volunteers, corporate partners, artists, musicians, and actors have all played an integral role in our mission. Their commitment to our work has raised critical donations and helped make our message heard. Whether you want to volunteer or you have an idea for a campaign or event, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we might work together.


Dr. Samantha Nutt, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, C.M.​

Samantha is a leading authority on women and children in war zones across the globe. She brings critical, evidence-based thinking to humanitarian action—empowering each local community to lead their own recovery. Her TED Talk ‘The Real Harm of the Global Arms Trade,’ with more than 1 million views, lays out a common sense approach for mitigating the civilian impact of war. Her book, ‘Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid’ is a national best seller.



Pearl Jam

War Child is grateful to be a charity of choice for Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation. Since 2006, the Foundation has supported non-profit organizations doing work in the fields of community health, the environment, arts and education, and social change. Every Pearl Jam concert is a fundraising event – $3 from each ticket sold is a charitable contribution to the Vitalogy Foundation. War Child thanks drummer Matt Cameron in particular for choosing War Child as a benefiting charity. Since 2013, the Vitalogy Foundation has donated over $150,000 towards War Child’s programs.

alicia keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is a generous supporter of War Child, both through her Foundation and her We Are Here Movement, which supports critical social issues including peace, equality, empowerment for women and girls, education, gun control, poverty and access to healthcare. To mark World Refugee Day 2016, Alicia released a short film entitled Let Me In (watch here), in support of War Child and others, as part of a campaign to shed light on the struggles faced by refugees worldwide. Thanks to her support, War Child has been able to impact the lives of countless war-affected children and families who are fleeing conflict.

Chantal K__N8A0196Finale01-crop

Chantal Kreviazuk

Chantal is one of War Child’s longest serving Ambassadors, having supported War Child Canada since the early nineties. Not only has she raised significant funds through a series of events but has also acted as a media spokesperson for a number of campaigns. Chantal has accompanied Samantha Nutt on visits to many of War Child's programs including those in Iraq, Ethiopia and Jordan. Without Chantal’s support, War Child would be a very different organization.


Raine Maida

Raine Maida began supporting War Child Canada soon after it was founded. He has performed at many events for the charity—on his own and with Our Lady Peace—and created War Child’s signature Busking for Change series which grew to include cities across Canada and raised over a hundred thousand dollars. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Raine continues to bring his passion and energy in support of both War Child Canada and War Child USA.

Thomas Sadoski

Thomas Sadoski

Thomas has been a War Child USA Ambassador since 2018 and, with his wife Amanda Seyfried, has been organizing fundraising events in Los Angeles and helping to raise awareness throughout the US.


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda and her husband Thomas Sadoski became Ambassadors of War Child USA in the Fall of 2018. They have organized fundraising events in Los Angeles and are using their influence to spread the word across the United States.


IKEA Foundation

War Child and the IKEA Foundation have teamed up to respond to the needs of children affected by the crisis in Syria with the Let’s Play for Change campaign. Proceeds from the campaign will support War Child’s ongoing efforts to create safe learning spaces in Jordan, providing a protective environment where children can learn, play and be kids!



Musicians have always been at the forefront of social change and Plus 1 continues this tradition. Founded by Arcade Fire’s Marika Shaw, Plus 1 connects artists and fans to causes by adding $1 to every ticket sold and donating 100% of these funds to organizations like War Child that are working on important social issues. Together with artists Sufjan Stevens, Frank Turner and more, Plus 1 has helped us impact the lives of countless war-affected children.


The Body Shop

War Child and The Body Shop teamed up during the holiday season to give the gifts of education, opportunity and justice to war-affected children. For every gift bought during the holiday season, The Body Shop made a contribution to support War Child’s educational programs. Thanks to The Body Shop’s generous support, we were able to provide more than 6 million lessons to children in war-torn areas.

  • Recent waves of #protests led to the ousting of the country’s former government. War Child has been operating in #Sudan for more than a decade and is already providing support for #women and #children in the wake of this increasingly violent crisis.

Donate to our #Crisis Response Fund, enable direct support for children facing unthinkable #violence and instability: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis (link in bio)

  • Due to continuous #conflict that forces families to flee their homes and destroys their classrooms, only half the children living in war ravaged regions of #Sudan are enrolled in school. #War Child is building schools and #youth centres that will help children access an #education in an environment that supports their learning. The skills they develop will one day make all the difference in finding secure employment. 
#Donate and provide access to education for #children in Sudan: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis/ (link in bio)
  • #Children living in #poverty are often exploited and must work in undesirable and unsafe environments. These children are denied the opportunity of an education. For young adults in Sudan who were once forced to work instead of attend school, War Child provides training in practical areas (including midwifery, food processing, carpentry, masonry, and welding). This helps young people develop the #skills to enter the workforce independently and even start their own small businesses.

Provide training for youth in #Sudan today: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis (link in bio)
  • It's #WorldYouthSkillsDay! We believe in the power of providing youth with the tools they need for a better future.

Central Darfur, Sudan, has experienced ongoing conflict, largely because of economic hardship and fighting over resources. With the help of our donors, War Child is training #youth from different communities in construction, farming and food processing, while repairing infrastructure such as dams and irrigation systems. With youth #empowered to contribute to a recovering economy, our work will increase the likelihood of peace.

#Sudan is in crisis. We're taking action. Join us: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis (link in bio)
  • In #Sudan, child marriage leads many girls to face sexual assault within their own homes. #Women and #girls are often trapped within a cycle of abuse because the legal system does little to protect them. War Child’s newly-built #Peace, #Justice and #Reconciliation Centre will educate community members about issues like #sexualassault and #childmarriage, and train paralegals to specialize in dealing with these problems. This program will protect #womensrights and help them speak up against the injustices they face.

Protect women's rights in Sudan: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis (link in bio)

  • Two years ago in Geneina, Sudan, students used to miss school because classrooms were poorly built and not protected from the weather. Some parents transferred their kids to other schools but they were a long way from their home. With War Child’s support, the community came together to build four new classrooms and a new toilet system. It’s a big improvement. The Headmaster explains: “The students concentrate far more on their lessons. They are less distracted, which is good.” While the quality of education improved, the new toilets prevent the spread of diseases and give more privacy, especially to girls. Since the school opened, student numbers have increased by over 50%. We're taking action in #Sudan. Join us: warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis
(Link in bio)

  • 65 out of 1000 Sudanese children die before their 5th birthday. That is over ten times the rate in North America. Poor sanitary conditions in war-torn regions of Sudan cause many children to get sick and even die. In order to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases, War Child builds toilets, disinfects contaminated water sources, and provides mothers of young children with hygiene kits with soap for washing, toothbrushes, and diapers. Beyond this, our education programs teach mothers about good hygiene practices and strategies to reduce the risk of their child getting sick. 
#Sudan is in crisis. Join us in taking action: https://warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis/ (link in bio)

  • War Child’s community programs provide farming equipment to families and teach them how to grow foods that will survive even in the rainy season. Families that have been forced out of their villages and left with nothing are given goats and seeds so that they can start their own small farms. This direct source of food keeps children from going hungry and allows parents to sell some of their produce and earn an income.

Take action with us in Sudan. #Sudancrisis 
Link in bio. warchildusa.org/sudan-crisis/
  • We are taking action to support refugees. Join us. Donate now.

#worldrefugeeday #sudan
  • War Child is taking action in Sudan as the country experiences a new and violent crisis that threatens to disrupt the lives of millions of children, women and their families.

#sudan #sudanuprising #warchild #charity #humanitarian #nonprofit #philanthropy #doinggood #blueforsudan


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