Invest $249 in peace, not war.

Every year, governments around the world spend an inconceivable amount of money on war: $249 for every man, woman and child on earth. That’s $249 spent on war, in your name.

War Doesn't Pay For Itself AK You Do

It’s no joke. 249 dollars is spent on war each year for every person on earth. Think about it. Every year—every person on earth. Our dollars turned into bullets and small arms in every killing variety. And $249 buys a lot of them.

In the Congo an AK47 costs as little as $10, while a year’s school fees are $75. In Afghanistan a thousand rounds of ammunition costs $4, while childhood vaccinations cost $23 (if you can obtain them). In every conflict zone torn apart by armed violence you can draw a direct line from the over abundance of cheap small arms to the devastation created in the hands of insurgencies, gangs, militias, and terrorists of every kind.

As a humanitarian agency centered on helping war-affected children and families put their lives back together we see up close how the easy access to weapons fuels the violence that threatens millions. Our mission is to create alternatives that end the cycle of war.

$249 isn’t just a fact—it is a wakeup call. If we are going to stand up against war and protect the children and women victimized by the violence we will have to make education, opportunity and justice more accessible than guns. Let’s put $249 to better use.

This is our movement. This is our call.

War is no place for a child


Yet there are 250 million kids currently living in conflict zones around the world.

War Child is the only non-profit organization focused exclusively on the protection of children in war. We use a bold, community-driven approach to end the cycles of violence that disrupt childhood during war. Together with local partners and our offices around the world, we help hundreds of thousands of war-affected children every year.

65 Million People

are currently displaced worldwide, the largest number ever recorded


of all refugees are children

Every 2 Seconds

1 person is displaced, 50% of whom are children

A Lasting and Locally-Driven Approach

War Child invests in long-term solutions that treat the causes of war and poverty, not the symptoms.

And we believe that in order for a community to recover from war, its members must drive the process. We partner with government bodies and local partners, putting members of the community at the center of our work.

95% of our staff are local. They’re often survivors of conflict themselves.

We recognize that every community is unique with its own set of challenges, advantages and needs. By focusing on education, justice and opportunity, War Child works to not only break the cycles of poverty and violence that lead to war, but to create sustainable peace.

Our Focus

Our Approach


An interrupted education can halt children’s development for years. We adapt curriculums and train educators to restore every child’s right to learn in conflict zones around the world.


Conflicts limit a country’s ability to bring criminals to justice for crimes like sexual and domestic abuse. War Child works directly with local organizations to offer legal aid and support to survivors.


War can interfere with a family’s ability to provide for basic needs. War Child’s livelihood programming creates opportunities for young people to gain economic independence while strengthening local economies.