Education is more than a piece of paper

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Up until recently, Razia started each day watching the neighbourhood children gather and walk to class before starting the household chores with her mother. She really wanted to go to school with the others, but her father forbade it because he was terrified she would get kidnapped on her way. It is a harsh reality that parents in Afghanistan must consider.

One day, the local War Child staff came to Razia’s village and announced they would set up a Child Friendly Space (CFS). It would serve as a safe space in the village where children could learn, play and make friends. Her father, convinced that his daughter could make it to CFS and back home safely, enrolled her in the CFS program.

Razia’s parents couldn’t be more elated with her progress at CFS and they noted that she is much happier. Her father was so inspired by her demonstrated potential he is determined to enroll her in formal education and find a way to get her to school and back safely.

For Razia, an education is more than a piece of paper. It’s the pathway she needs to achieve her dreams. A pathway that was closed to her until now.

To Razia and all the children in war zones that continue to fight for their right to an education, it is a privilege to give you the tools you need to live up to your full potential.