After Decades of Conflict, the People of Sudan Now Face the COVID-19 Crisis

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The people of Darfur, Sudan have lived through decades of war and conflict. This past December violence tore through the region, displacing tens of thousands. Today, along with the rest of the world, they are faced with another huge threat – the prospect of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading through the region.

The War Child team in Darfur has been providing water and sanitation services to vulnerable communities for some time. Today, they are refocusing their efforts on teaching women and children how to protect themselves against the pandemic.

They are distributing women’s hygiene kits – including soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and other sanitary products – that these communities would otherwise not have access to.

They are running hand washing classes for children, ensuring that all children know to wash their hands for a full 20 seconds.

They are teaching mothers the importance of sanitation and cleanliness for their family’s safety.

And they have created informational posters and pamphlets on COVID-19 prevention methods to distribute within communities, since awareness raising gatherings cannot be held.

These are troublesome times for all the communities that War Child supports, but we are confident that our efforts to educate and provide basic hygiene necessities to these communities will enable them to curtail the spread of this virus. You can help support these efforts by making a donation today.